The Chinese warships attacked in front of their noses, almost colliding with American destroyers at Venetian Rock

CNN quoted US defense officials as saying that a Chinese naval vessel was approaching "dangerously" with a US warship near the Spratly Islands region on September 30. According to the officer, the US vessel was carrying out the task of "guaranteeing freedom of navigation" and had to divert "to avoid collision" with Chinese ships.

"China's Luyang destroyer approached the USS Decatur in a dangerous and unprofessional manner within the Rocky Mountains," said CNN's Capt. Charles Brown, a spokeswoman for the US Pacific Fleet. Ven in the South China Sea.

"The Chinese made a series of provocative moves and issued a warning to ask the Decatur to leave the area, specifically, the Luyang approached within 41 meters of the bow of the Decatur, To avoid collisions, "Brown added.

Finally, US captain said: "The US military will continue to fly aircraft, ships operating anywhere the international law allows."

According to Carl Schuster, a former US Navy captain with 12 years of maritime experience, now a professor at the University of Hawaii Pacific, said the captains had only "a few seconds" to make decisions when the crash occurred. degree occurs.

"It's a very dangerous situation." Captains are often worried when the ships are within close range of 900m, adjusting their rudders and engine speeds is extremely necessary to keep ships from colliding. Small mistakes in calculation can also cause catastrophe, "he said.

The incident occurred in the midst of tensions between the United States and China. According to CNN, Chinese ships are routinely tied to US ships in waters but almost no clashes occur.

On September 30, the USS Decatur entered the 12 nautical mile area of ​​the Venetian Rock and Gò Ma Island in the Spratly Islands. US officials say this is an activity aimed at overthrowing "freedom of navigation" in international waters. Meanwhile, China is often annoyed when American ships approached the illegally built artificial islands of the country.