US officials bluntly extinguish the Chinese ambassador's message: We are rivals!

The extraordinary attitude of the senior American official at the Chinese embassy clearly shows two contrasting views of Beijing and Washington.

According to a senior Chinese government official, President Donald Trump has stated candidly to Chinese diplomats that Washington views Beijing as a competitor. , not partners.

On the occasion of the meeting between US officials and Chinese diplomats, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, Rei Thien Khai, emphasized the importance of cooperation between the two countries. However, Matt Pottinger, director of Asian affairs at the US National Security Council, made a point of contradiction.

"We - the administration of President Trump - have revised the policy towards China, with the dominant principle of 'competition.' The term is also mentioned at the top of the national security strategy. of the President [Trump], "said Mr. Pottinger.

It is reported that Cui Tianzhi and Pottinger held the talks on Saturday (September 29), on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of China National Day (October 1) held in Chinese Embassy in America.

However, according to the SCMP, Mr. Plattner's blunt attitude was thought to be rather unusual for such a memorable event.

Two terms 'freedom' and 'competition' are things that are at the core of American democracy and market economy, so if both sides do not recognize there is competition between them, That would cause more misunderstandings and other miscalculation.

For his part, he said both China and the US are in the "historic choice" crucial to the future of bilateral relations.

"China has its own options," he said. "We choose to adhere to the principle of non-conflict, non-confrontational, mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation with the United States."

On the issue of trade, he reiterated China's assertion that it would "be more open to the world," and would "firmly defend" the world order to promote itself. by trade.

China "kicked" the yard of the United States

Last week, President Trump accused China of intervening in the upcoming midterm elections, but gave no evidence. Beijing immediately dismissed Trump's allegations.

Trump then posted his personal Twitter account of photographs of critics of the war in the Des Moines Register, allegedly by the Chinese state media. ) to pay to post.

US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad backed Trump's claim that China's Daily News article was a "propaganda" and condemned Beijing. take advantage of the freedom of the press.

Mr Branstad also criticized China's "injustice" intervention in the US economy, with activities such as economic espionage and the imposition of non-tariff barriers, negatively affecting the business of America.

Chinese Foreign Minister Vuong Nghi has dismissed Trump's allegations and affirmed that China has consistently followed the principle of non-interference in other countries.

In another speech at the US Council on Foreign Relations, Wang Yan warned that the relationship between the two countries "is easy to break, but it will be difficult to heal." In his view, bilateral relations between the two countries are at a crossroads, and the United States will have to choose whether they will regard China as a "partner or competitor."