4 factors to help education in Singapore tops Asia

Singapore is among the countries with the most developed education Asia with comprehensive learning environment, create more development opportunities for the students.

Here are some of the advantages of education in this island nation.

Variety disciplines
The College, the University of Singapore in teaching all disciplines from business-financial, tourist hotels, design, communication, information technology, medicine and pharmacy ... to the less popular disciplines such as psychology, logistics, management ... Each school has a strong separate training, help students easy choices.

Singapore attracted many investors thanks to strong growth in many different areas.

Some of the featured schools in Singapore even as the Singapore Management University (SMU), James Cook University Singapore, Curtin Singapore, Singapore Institute of management (SIM), Kaplan Academy, Academy of MDIS SHATEC Academy, ... or the Canadian International School (CIS), St. Francis Methodist school (SFMS). in high school.

Unique education method

Singapore to have advanced education, ranked eight in the world and ranks first in Asia, surpassing even the great powers on education and the economy such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan. (According to Universitas21 Ranking Scores 2016).

Although the Singapore study in school, students are also taught according to different methods, focusing on the work out personality, rather than thinking of forcing students to follow a certain pattern. In addition, the insight of the teachers also impacts the thought of their parents, to help relieve the pressure for students from primary schools, create conditions for the children to be developed in a natural way.

Schools in Singapore are major investments in infrastructure.

The schools in the public system administered by the Government and the public outside the system are regulated by the Council of private education (CPE) to ensure the rights of international students.

The course is accredited as a degree by more educated partner units in the UK, Australia, Usa, France, Switzerland, Ireland and ... to help students enjoy quality, equivalent and are recognized internationally, as well as career opportunities in many countries in the world.

Students are not only taught the theory but also can practice throughout the learning process. An interactive approach to learning, stimulates thinking, development of soft skills to help students have the knowledge and solid skills, increase competitive advantage in the market to recruit and support the work of the latter.

Appropriate fees

Tuition and living expenses in Singapore are lower than other education powers in the world. The relationship between the schools outside the public system in Singapore with many renowned institutions in the UK, Australia, Usa ... to help students be trained and granted by the quality with prices save up to 50%. In addition, many 70-100% scholarship is also an opportunity for your good students save a not small expenses.

Internship opportunities and attractive employment

Students in Singapore can study in many other countries around the world participating in the transition program, or the student exchange period, internship ... Besides the professional knowledge, experience and skills through work experience is an important factor that the employers are always looking for.

Thanks to the development of increasingly powerful, Singapore is becoming the place to attract the investment of many corporations, large enterprises, such as Google, Facebook, ANZ, Dell, Samsung, Louis Vuitton ...

The job fair is held regularly in the school, or the mandatory internship opportunities "gold" to the students in contact with employers, to understand more about the work environment, corporate culture, from which the accumulated experience and knowledge necessary to be confident when applying.