The top universities in France

Here are the high-ranked universities. 

1. The École Normale Supérieure

Admission requirements of the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) very high, including written exams and interview answers next to National University exams. Contestants must show the Excel in research, science, arts, culture and humanities.

The school's graduates were guaranteed jobs in government institutions, academia and culture. Among them 13 Nobel laureates, 10 people reached the Fields Medal, and a prime number, the philosopher.

Founded in the mid-19th century, the school currently only 200 students each year, half of the scientific program and half human. Students receive a monthly wage of about 1,300 EUR for 10 years worked in State institutions after graduation.

International students are welcome to study postgraduate programs, and often receive scholarships. Students from countries in the European Union (EU) also enjoy policies such as French students.

ENS has a link at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Italy is and have more than half the students can participate in the Exchange program each year. In addition, the school also has research collaborations with leading schools, for example the University of Beijing, Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and McGill.

2. École Polytechnique

Also has a long history as ENS, École Polytechnique is accredited, based in Palaiseau-the small suburb of Paris, more than 10 miles from the center of Paris. The school focuses on teaching science and technology under the motto "for the country, science and glory".

There are about 3,000 students at the school, of which 30% are international students. École Polytechnique bring multidisciplinary approaches, including university curricula and graduate research. Besides the 6 themes in science and engineering, students are required to study a subject in science and sports humanism.

The school of graduate admissions, students are asked to prepare two years in high school as of a week before the written exams and interview responses.

French citizen to eight months of military service in the first year of study, since the school under the management of the Department of Defense.

3. The University of Pierre and Marie Curie

University of Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) was founded after the split of the University of Paris in 1970. The school is considered a science complex and the largest healthcare throughout the country, with about 30,000 students studying full-time in the Jussieu campus in the Latin quarter of Paris set.

The school has eight major teaching hospitals and is renowned for excellence in mathematics. Some organizations of the school have won Nobel prizes in physics, chemistry and medicine since Pierre Curie and Marie Curie won the Nobel Prize in 1903.

There are 120 research laboratories in the fields of models and techniques; Earth and living environment; energy, matter and the universe; life and health. More than 5,000 researchers and professors working in four areas.

International students make up about 20% of the total number of students of the school. In total the school has 3,000 doctoral research students.

4. University of Paris-Sud

This is a great school with 30,000 students in the suburban base South of Paris. The Center Orsay of the school was noted for his contributions to the study of physics and chemistry. Market focus some of the most advanced laboratories in France, in many fields of research include: nuclear physics, astrophysics, atomic physics, nano-technology and particle physics.

Two Nobel prizes and four Fields medals have been awarded to the Organization of the school of mathematics and physics. Some scholars and other top business graduate from the school, including Bertrand Serlet, former Vice Chairman of Apple.

There are 4,800 international students from 125 countries, studying at the University of Paris-Sud.

5. University of Paris Diderot-Paris 7

Paris Diderot is a descendant of the Faculty of science research at the University of Paris. The school's current name only since 1994. In 2012, the school moved to new premises in Paris Rive Gauche district, far from the campus of Jussieu University of Pierre and Marie Curie.

Besides the well-known for excellence in science, Paris Diderot also brought advances in the understanding of human kind about probability theory. The school has a special approach to teaching psychology, using the science of mental disorders and psychological analysis.

Out of 26,000 students have 20% are international students.