The steps help you to lecture the American University

The average score of the good school year, involved in extracurricular activities of interest ... is the way to help you to come closer to the University's reputation.

The road to the American University amphitheatre always with requiring the you pupils, students have to overcome many challenges, difficult.Understanding this, The Princeton Review (TPR) has taken the advice to get you closer to the most prestigious education this world. In the year 2015, TPR has helped more than 3.5 million students, students admitted to the College and later the University's reputation in America. Here are the things you need to know when it wants to study in America.

Define goals and planning early

You need to prepare the plan as early as grade 9. That was the last year of junior high level of Vietnam but in the American education system is the first year of secondary school. Determine the objective study and planning to help you strive for soon, do not miss the opportunity to make beautiful profile as you will need to go to academic achievements of a learning process.

The average score of the year (GPA)

Almost all of the college admissions officers that GPA is very important. Through the GPA, they assess the degree of popularity in the candidates and see it as an element of "heavy" to review candidates to get admission to the University or not. When the University see table aggregate score, they will care much for in year 10 and year 11, however the other classes also cannot treat lightly.

The standardized test scores SAT/ACT

Most schools accept the SAT or ACT. Some schools in the top require SAT Subject. The score plays big role in your scholarship application.You have to spend a significant time outside of Foundation studies in school to learn and new coach can win the high score in the exam.

Extra-curricular activities

The habits, activities you participate in will give the University clearly be who you are and why they chose you. Participation in sports clubs, or work part time while attending secondary school is the important factor. But you need to choose the filter thoroughly by the University will appreciate you participating and winning more time for the really helpful than getting you to join team too much but with a superficial.

Information about the University

You need to make a list of the University and should consult the opinion of the expert advisors to get the best information about the schools that you intend to apply. According to the survey of College Hopes & Worries, 42% of the students had intended to submit on 5-8 universities, while 26% filed into on 9 school.

Submission of applications

This is one of the most important stages that you need to take the decisions. You should consult carefully stuff you need to know about the application process. Many schools allow their candidates to apply early (sometimes is in the fall) can by the deadline (in about January or February). The most important part of the weight of your records including transcripts, certificates, letters of recommendation and essay. The school also will ask you to list your extracurricular activities.

The financial assistance policy

Financial aid packages will satisfy your basic needs and usually include grants and scholarships; Internships and work; the loans. Students can find many organizations offer scholarships, grants to various objective as for personal excellence, according to the extracurricular activities, have career goals, have dreams ... 

Choose your school

42% of students said they would choose the best school for my future career and the other 40% will select the most suitable school in all criteria.Understand the of you students, study consultant team of The Princeton Review will help you find, apply to the school of his dreams. Besides, the consultants also offers test preparation courses SAT-ACT score increases to guarantee in the field of dreams.