Education brings high applicability in UK

Education in the UK focused more on vocational skills, so after graduating students often have the opportunity to get the job done. 

With the UK education system, students only took 3 years to College and a master's year, not take up to 4 years of College and 2 years masters as in many other countries. So, if the total cost of both the course study You really not expensive as many people still believing.

According to the survey, English students after graduation usually have the opportunity to get the job done. By education in the United States focused more on vocational skills. This is the second largest country in the world for the rate of collaboration between universities and business.Many courses are designed by the University and experts in the field, students have the opportunity to be expert guidance and teaching.

In addition, some of the program's many college students also combine paid internship Besides learning to help students accumulate experience.The method of teaching in English to help students develop skills that most employers are eyeing as creativity, team work, leadership skills ... In addition, although the stage of the job search very difficult but all British universities have career advice Division, helps students write a CV, job application, complete equipped interview skills when applying for a job, planning guide for future careers.

Besides the two prominent universities in the United Kingdom as Oxford and Cambridge, many British universities in the top of the world's top schools, which include University of East Anglia (UEA). Mr. Pete Ryan-UEA's admissions representative will have a talk about the curriculum opening September/1/2016, 2017 and scholarships appeal of the school. Meeting will take place on the 16 h 30-17 h 30, Tuesday, June 8, at 9, Visco-5th floor, B building, Hall D2, Vo, Ba Dinh, Hanoi; and at 10 h-11 h, Thursday, June 8, at 11, Visco-239 August revolution, ward 4, District 3, HO CHI MINH CITY. To register for the Conference here.

University of East Anglia is located in the city of Norwich, just a two-hour train ride to London, is considered one of the most beautiful campus in the UK. The school is located in the Group of the world's top 200 universities by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The school head of student satisfaction according to the national student survey. The school ranked number 14 on the UK according to The Guardian University Guide by 2015.

The specialization of the University's strengths include business administration, economics, finance, pharmacy, computer science, environment, medicine, mathematics, biology ... is located in the Group reviews top uk school. In particular, the UEA is located in the leading group of three United Kingdom about training pharmaceutical professional. In particular, A Level-Newton of the school gives students the opportunity to experience the University environment and to work with University Faculty.

In addition, the school spent 100% of tuition fees for pre-university programs; 1,000-4,000 GBP for first year university programme and pre-masters; 50% of A-level program fees; 3,000-4,000 GBP for the master's program; and 1,000-8,000 GBP for the Bachelor program.