7 common errors when filing in the American University

On 9/8 recently, Business Insider has had conversations with Abby Siegel, University Admissions consultant with 19 years experience, to share the most common mistakes candidates University of America. With these you intend to study abroad, especially in America, the share has a certain value.

1. Use the general reasons in choosing schools

Students should not say that want to learn in school because of the size of the classroom or teacher-student ratio. The answer is that too general because there are so many universities have classes with less number of students. The children really need to investigate something that I liked about the school unique and express it in the admissions essay.

2. Forget to edit

Students should carefully read the application and essay. The children should seek an adult such as a parent, teacher, or guidance counselor to review and ensure no errors.

3. Lack of opportunity to fully explain activities

Section of activity (Activities) in the Common Application (System receipt of the school) often limit the amount of certain characters. Students should not miss the opportunity to talk about all his activities because of this restriction. The children should use the extra information (additional information) to write off what can not in active section.

4. Put the information of low test scores, even if the school does not require

Not all schools require you to submit standardized test scores; many schools now to check Point item is optional. In addition, some schools require you to send all test points (for example, if you had SAT many times), but some do not.

If you have a good point in the standard test, the supply point is definitely an advantage. But if the test scores are low, you need to know for sure each school's requirements before applying and considering offers or not.

5. Apply the correct expiration date

Very encouraging students send before the deadline. The school student time to submit, and this reflected negatively for the student when applying on the last day of term correctly filed. Mr. Siegel said the filing on the last day could render the enrollment kit reviews the student is lazy or the school the children filed was not his first choice.

6. Ignore the expressed interest in the field in addition to apply

The school has started to look at other areas to demonstrate the interest of the applicant, including the social pages of the student. They know the students are "like" the Facebook page or "follow" on Twitter and Instagram of school or not.

7. Please mail the introduction of teacher to the last minute

Students should spend enough time to get recommendations from teachers. Mr. Siegel advised to start writing teacher recommendation letters from the spring of two secondary schools, and then track the progress as soon as last year's start.