Harvard University admissions criteria changes

The Graduate School of Harvard University vowed to change admissions criteria starting from the coming school year, Business Insider said.

The new criteria to reduce the advantage of students whose economic conditions. The school also offer three suggestions to help students prepare for the next enrollment season.

First, the participants should actively support others, contribute to the community services, bring practical benefits for society.

Second, the school will conduct a selection based on elements of morality, for their contribution to the family, the society on the issue of ethnicity, class and culture.

Tuesday, Harvard defined achievement in another way, creating a more level playing field for students with different economic conditions at the same time reduce the pressure.

For years, the University in the US effort to conduct several measures to diversify the composition of students. However, according to Inside Higher Ed, students from poor families still account for only a very small percentage in the market.

Typically, the enrollment schools based on test scores, AP program (advanced class) and IB (international baccalaureate) but does not focus on factors outside the program. This led to poor underprivileged.

Leaders of Harvard University said that elements of the community, whether it's getting involved in social service projects or simply a family support activities, should be higher in the admission process.

With the new admissions criteria, the school created a clear opportunity to participants to present their contribution to society in the application. It helps poor students have more advantages in circumstances they did not have the money to participate in sports activities or travel abroad-the plus point in the eyes of admissions officers at the prestigious school.

In the official announcement, Harvard also noted, the contributions of the students need to have real meaning and is maintained regularly, rather than activities that they participated only to increase your chances of acceptance to the University.

Harvard University's student recruitment Office acknowledged there is no ability to look out the new criteria in the evaluation process, but they hope it would "create a more healthy balance among young people, between the investment for yourself and interested people around the world as well".

Harvard University is a leader in the world. To be learned here, candidates must undergo intensive screening process, pass by round 6 Professor in charge. The successful rate of only 5.8% level school and most students have good economic conditions.

The new admissions criteria do not increase the rate of acceptance but will contribute to diversification of students of the school. This is also Harvard's support for students from poor families.