5 most expensive boarding school in the world

1. Le Rosey, Switzerland

Fees: 86,657 GBP per year.

Alumni: King Albert II of Belgium, Alexandra von Fürstenberg (photo Director of DvF), Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

In 1880, the school was founded by Paul and Carnal men. In 1967, the school is open to all female students. The teaching is done by the two languages. Students attend IB or French baccalaureate. The rate of school staff and students is 1:5.

The facilities include a 25 m indoor pool and Wellness Centre (includes steam room, sauna and hot tub), a skating park, an outdoor theater and 10 tennis courts. Students living outside of the residence is not restricted to a riding Centre with 30 horses, a golf 18 holes 38 sq. feet wide.

2. Aiglon, Switzerland

Course fee: GBP 81,595/year.

Alumni: Pietro Dova (former CFO of Google), Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark, Michel Gill (actor).

Aiglon College established in 1949 had students from 60 countries attended the IGCSE and IB together with a program of exploration and adventure. This is the ideal place to encourage outdoor activities because in high altitude 1,250 metres, overlooking the Mont Blanc mountain range, in the small town of Chesières-Villars.

According to the school, suction power from the sport climbing is great cause to some students choose to study.

3. Beau Solei, Collège Alpin International, Switzerland

Fees: 79,528 GBP per year.

Alumni: Jacques Villeneuve, Princess Marie of Denmark, Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg.

Founded in 1910, the Collège Alpin Beau Solei is one of the oldest boarding school in Switzerland, and also the most expensive in the world almost. The school has both full French program and an international section focuses on education international school (IGCSE) and international baccalaureate (IB).

The school is also known for organizing a series of challenging, expeditions and trips to places like Cambodia, Tanzania and Ghana. In recent years, students have to climb many big mountains, including Mount Kilimanjaro, Meru and Cotopaxi. Slopes for skiing and skating rink takes just a minute walk from the school, with a full winter sports programs always have throughout the week during the season and free skiing on the weekend.

4. The Collège du Léman, Switzerland

Course fee: GBP 69,573/year.

The school opened on September 5, 1960 in response to the increasing number of multinational companies in Geneva. When children from 2 years of age, parents can let children participate in bilingual education programs in French and English.

In primary education, the subjects are taught with English and French ratio is 70/30 or 50/50. Just like with many other boarding schools, sport plays a central role in college life. When located in the school team, skilled athletes will be support to the Club area.

5. The Institut auf dem Rosenberg, Switzerland

Course fee: GBP 66,777/year

The school was founded in 1889 with the name originally Institut Dr. Schmidt and changed to the current name in the 1930s after the death of the founder, Ulrich Schmidt. From the 1950s, the school prepares students to pass the graduation exams in Germany, uk, USA, Italy and Switzerland, and also personal development priorities.

One of the highlights of the school year of the school is that the students events Rosenberg Ball is trained by experts in two months to prepare.The school has organized the activities of skiing and skating in winter, with water slide (use school boat) in the summer.