3 steps to prepare for the journey to study Australia

Choose the field and discipline, understanding of school entry requirements or apply for VISA are important things students need to do to best prepare for studying baggage to Australia. 

Australia is one of the countries with the teachers advanced education, modern and more students are choosing to study Vietnam. To best prepare for the journey to study in this country, students should note the following steps. 

Choose a field of study and 

school Choosing, discipline is usually considered based on several different factors such as: interests and strengths of itself, recruiting trends, the preferred area of study, referring friends, family oriented, budget, scholarships, position and rank of the school ... 

To choose schools and appropriate discipline, students can turn to the help of the counseling center as IDP student enrollment. To ensure objectivity in the selection of the school, the counselor will offer three choices of targets close to the best students. They will then analyze the strengths of each school to help students make the final decision.

Once you have selected is appropriate fields and disciplines, students should pay attention to the condition of the school's entrance. Most university-based review academic record, proficiency in English and the financial ability of the school to ensure that students can focus on learning during his time in Australia. In Australia, students can do more than 40 hours / two-week and full time during vacations to cover some extra costs. However, income from part-time work will not be considered as the main source of income. 

In addition to advising the school, select sectors, also advice on IDP living conditions and studying in Australia, housing, jobs, and more program guardian for students under 18 years old. 

"the IDP guidance on procedures very professional. I was guided IDP income proof, prove what they can to become guardians that accept Australian Consulate, "he Fill Nghia Dung, parents Bowl Minh Quan - the Castle Hill, NSW , Australia said. 

Understanding the school's entry requirements 

and each school each discipline will have entry requirements, tuition and admission time various records. Some schools have admissions record time longer than the number of records by lot or by the admission process are not the same. Counselor will assess your application based on the school's admission criteria as well as the time students want to start learning to give advice and prepare appropriate roadmap to achieve the objectives, design proposed plan.

Most schools will require applicants to provide international English certificate IELTS (except high school) to the students, the students need IELTS preparation beforehand. The students can learn English before entering primary key if no satisfactory IELTS, each missing IELTS 0.5 will be equivalent to 10 weeks studying English. IDP is the owner and organization official IELTS exam. In case students do not have IELTS, counselors will guide you to register for IELTS in the office directly. 

Besides, IDP also coordinated many scholarship programs of great value of more than 600 Australian schools. The counselor will actively introduce and apply for scholarships potential profile. 

In addition, students can register for the program to welcome new international students worldwide IDP Australia by offices in the states of Australia IDP charge. 

Please VISA 

This is an important step that all contestants need special attention when studying decision making. 

Since 1/7, approved policies Australian student visa new SSVF (Simplified Student Visa Framework) was formally apply to the new changes in your financial qualification requirements. In addition to level 1 schools, students enrolled in the remaining fields will need to provide proof of financing and sources of income when applying for visa. 

Level 1 visa program SSVF been proven financial priorities main, English requirements, processing times ... but that does not mean that the students apply for level 2 or 3 schools will have fewer opportunities to study more. With 45 years of consulting experience for the 420,000 enrollments of international students, IDP helps students choose the school in line with the budget, interests and expertise based on specific objectives that the participants want to navigate to.