5 things that surprised students to New Zealand

New Zealand is not too strange name with international students, but with a unique culture, its interesting, this island nation has always meant the students by surprise.
If the first set foot in New Zealand, you will encounter many interesting surprises about the country and people of this country.

Friendly became the culture

Coming to the island kiwi, you will hear a friendly greeting '' Kia Ora! ' resound all over the place.People here are famous for the friendliness and warm. Many students are revealing, they were very surprised when even a stranger in a convenient supermarket could also chat with his nature.

Fun, friendly atmosphere is always present in New Zealand. The Maori people also lovely with the customary "touches the nose" instead of greetings and traditional hangi delicious dishes to denote hospitality.

Beautiful natural landscape

Whether on set of "blockbuster" Lord of the Rings but also footage can't Peel described the beauty of New Zealand. A passion for discovery, adventure you will be woken up when coming to this island nation, which owns all magnificent landscape from the oceans, volcanoes, glaciers, the steppe to the lakes and the vast ski area. Lake Tekapo, Mt. Cook, Canterbury Plains ... are the tourist attractions here.

Good environmental protection consciousness

New Zealand is one of the countries at the forefront of environmental protection. Any traveler would arrive like the fresh environment of this island nation. Not just planting a lot of trees, the people of New Zealand is also conscious of environmental protection from the little things in daily living activities such as limiting the use of non-recycled toilet paper is, have power control system in use, do not use a dryer or dishwasher.
Greening the national parks of New Zealand

Park the Fiordland National Park, the top finalist worth exploring the world's most and is also the largest national park in New Zealand.

In New Zealand, the Government flooded the national map, especially the area of the West coast of the South Island. With 14 total area parks up to more than 30,000 km2, this is the way to preserve New Zealand's pristine landscape, his fantasy. You can easily move, explore by boat, car or simply walking and "lost" in the majestic nature to be overwhelmed, the same fauna-flora peaceful coexistence.

Innovative thinking in education

The style of education, creativity is one of the strengths of New Zealand. Always comfortable learning environment, enabling students to develop innovative thinking, freedom to speak, his ideas, as well as choose a learning method would do they find easiest. In particular, teachers play the role as a teacher, just like a friend of the student. According to the Organization of teaching and learning international survey (TALIS), a teacher from New Zealand who is highly trained, professional quality good and the most experienced in the world.