Learn interesting computer graphics industry in New Zealand

Alumni of the school of Media Design (New Zealand), currently working at Weta Studios, had the interesting experience of sharing the learning and work.

The journey to New Zealand to study computer graphics (computer graphics) of Conifer stems from curiosity with the blockbuster Film VFX technology application. "Just from the photo, I saw New Zealand's beautiful, big movies are made here also inspires me. At that time my mother did not know New Zealand is where, but my mom still supported me hard ".

To the city of Auckland, New Zealand in 2011 is also the Parts away from home. With him it's a challenge, at the same time also brings invaluable experience. According to Tung, the beautiful New Zealand not only thanks to the landscape but also because of the "kiwi" peaceful, friendly and warm.

Studying 3D animation & visual effects in the field of Media Design, Tung had a chance to experience the educational environment of openness, of modern New Zealand. "What impressed me most about studying in New Zealand is the focus of education encourage students to pursue what his favorite in the study. The distance or the rank between students with people who teach there. They close and friendly with the students, the responsibility to impart knowledge, guidance, openness to listen to and suggestions for building projects of the students are very enthusiastic. "

Practical learning orientation before College is a plus point. Those native classmates told Tung, since in high school, they were driven to the very specific University. "If you want to learn about creative (creative), you will learn the main subjects related to future studies. That is how to clear concepts students have about the industry I want to learn, as well as learn to see themselves fit or not. "

After graduation in Media Design, currently Tung took the position of Technical Director Assistant (assistant technical director), support the work of the lighting in the Weta Digital-effects company, one of the world's leading. This is also where implementation of techniques for the film X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avatar, Lord of The Rings, King Kong ... For more than 20 years, Weta Digital have repeatedly received BAFTA and Oscar Visual Effects category. Professional work environment with talented people, the modern physical conditions render each working day of spare parts are full of inspiration.

In New Zealand, computer graphics is a very competitive industry. Today, when computer graphics developed strongly and are widely applied not only in film, animation, TVC but also with video games, virtual reality. Rated as one of the world's best places to study computer graphics, has a team of seasoned teachers experience and enthusiasm to help students progress, New Zealand is a favorable environment to pursue this course. computer graphics is also in creative technology group-one of the three economic sectors of priority development of New Zealand.

Tung also shared experience for the young people preparing for study in New Zealand: "the spirit is always ready for any changes, exercise independence and the ability to communicate in English is prepared in the page to New Zealand. In addition, the most important is still the passion, if you have a true passion, always longing for self improve yourself, then you will have the patience to pursue to the end ".