The medical training college the best world

Professional page ranking of universities-2016, Harvard University, United States of America, continues to head the list. The school has a team of experienced trainers with about 2.9000 professors and associate professors and more than 5,000 teaching assistant. Harvard Medical School is equipped with modern facilities in order to perform the Mission of education, research and health care

Ranked second on the rankings is the University of Oxford. This is also one of the three colleges of the UK reached the top 10 medical schools this year. The teaching of 

University of Oxford str reachable divided into clinical money (3 years) and clinical (last 3 years).2016, 

Times Higher Education reviews the Oxford medical school the best in the world of money training, clinical, clinical medical research.

The University of Cambridge, England, continues to stand in third place. The training also is divided into two phases of clinical and clinical money. 

The University hospitals, research centers, laboratories, clinics intended to serve best for the work, training, research and health care.

This year, Stanford University, Usa, reached the fourth position on the ranking of the best medical training school of QS. The school focuses primarily on the research work, the importance of medical progress and discovering new methods. Thus, the curriculum at Stanford are regularly renewed. The school also has modern facilities to students.

Johns Hopkins University, United States of America, drop a degree, replace the location of Stanford University. The teaching of the school is mainly conducted at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, one of the top hospitals in the US.

Standing in sixth place as David Geffen School of medicine at the University of California in Los Angeles, United States of America. In 2015, the school ranked seventh. The school has a team of trainers in the industry reputation y. Ng 

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