The American College of good quality, low tuition

South Puget Sound Community College in the city of Olympia, Washington is among 150 leading colleges and training establishments accredited two-year rated high.

South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) has a favourable geographical location, the Olympia Centre-capital of the State of Washington a few minutes to move. This is a large technology center of America and around the world with a series of Headquarters, big companies such as Microsoft, Boeing and Starbucks.

Many attractive curriculum

The University has more than 6,000 programs, including: computing and information technology, accounting technology, dental nursing, engineering technology ... After the students complete the program will be granted with thousands of job opportunities. In particular, these students have a grade point average (GPA) will be facilitating easy transfer to other universities in the US.

Every year, the school has approximately 100 SPSCC student scholarships are awarded to students with compelling value 500-3,000 USD.

Optimal learning conditions

With a population of about 10-15 students per class, SPSCC spent dedicated attention to each student in the learning process.

The University Library was updated constantly, a bookstore, computer room, career counselling centre and a cafeteria service, ensure the best learning conditions for students.

Free tutoring activities can help students in learning the subjects such as mathematics, physics, engineering and accounting. Writing Center and library computers are free use.

Many useful social activities

The school is also the first priority focuses on developing creativity, independent thinking and the skills needed, help students discover the latent skills of the Student Club with 29 on music, drama, sports, scientific, legal, community associations and other organizations.

The school regularly organizes excursions, Sports Centre, sports competitions, the intercollegiate activities help students just learning, healthy living, strengthening themselves.

Reasonable cost of living

In the learning process, students may choose to live with a host family to learn American culture. In addition, students can also rent apartments or in with the other students in the school. The students will be free to use the public bus service.

Tuition is $ 18,063 contemplated include: fees per credit for international students (279.26 USD);the average fees per academic year (9,555 USD); living expenses ($ 5,535) and books (2,973 USD).

Simple admission conditions

Students do not need to provide English point when filing because the school does not require a TOEFL or IELTS. Students will do the placement test and based on the results of this to allocate in English classes or programs. Application for admission include: registration form for international students; admission fee 40 USD; certified by the Bank (with the student visa required) and a capture page information on the Passport.

There are four academic registration key is the spring session in April, the summer session in July, the fall in September and winter in January.

With effective teaching and learning, application of advanced technology to serve the learning process, SPSCC became famous in the area with a high rate of successful students. There are 95% of graduating students to receive the associate forwards a GPA (GPA) 3.5/4. Not so unexpected as a student of many countries around the world are pursuing the dream of studying in the school.