Restaurant management school, hotels in New Zealand

Is a small island nation in the South Pacific with the quality of education worth dreaming, New Zealand are the destination of more than 10,000 students from all over the world.

New Zealand has a strong training in many disciplines, typically management restaurant-hotel.

Strong on travel

Research shows that students in New Zealand always had positive experiences. The rate of satisfaction of the students taking the program for international student survey (IBS) in the period 2014-2015 at about 88%-94%, indicating that students are comfortable with programs at schools in New Zealand. Chosen as one of the countries of the world worth living with happiness index in the top of the head, New Zealand famous for ideal educational environment and the friendly, open minded, willing to embrace different cultures.

Those students who want to study restaurant management industry-hotels, the following New Zealand's superiority will completely convince. Travel industry hotels is currently the second highest export source in New Zealand, contribute 13% of the total export earnings. The amount of international tourists were hitting 3 million people last year. Thus, the demand of this sector are always high. The New Zealand curriculum is taught in English, Faculty benefits of student-centred.The fees in this relatively cheap compared to the US or the UK. In particular, the study of New Zealand means launch a journey explore bold international education environment practical. Most schools have a restaurant to make the professional training program in place. Career opportunities after graduation in New Zealand is also very promising as more and more at the resort, hotel, restaurant was built to meet the needs of traveling on a high.

Diversity education options

New Zealand has many training units management, the hotel-restaurant. Is the prestigious University of New Zealand, the Auckland University of technology (Auckland University of Technology) with restaurant management-hotels offer many diverse certifications, including Bachelor of hotel management International is a specialized degree, are widely recognized in the industry and are the operators of the country's leading hotels. The University has 2 restaurant Four Seasons and Piko are now being run by the students of the school.

Meanwhile, the 2% of the world's best quality school, UNIVERSITY of Waikato also Bachelor and Bachelor of management studies for tourism. In addition, the New Zealand universities also have specialized training centers such as Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS) or New Zealand Management Academy (NZMA). PIHMS located in New Plymouth-attractive tourist city of New Zealand. Meanwhile, the NZMA combined courses in tourism-hotel and business management. Both help students accumulate the actual work experience. In addition, Lincoln UNIVERSITY, the UNIVERSITY of Otago, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) ... is also the choice worth considering.