Study of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand-the road to the promised land

International students are very focused on the time they could stay abroad after completing the program, because the experience of working in the country will become a valuable asset to impress the employer.

Student exhibitions Usa-Canada-Australia-New Zealand held annually by the trainning sessions will provide information to study four official world famous country on education. In particular, here are all these countries allow students in the back working from 1 to 4 years. Attend the exhibition to grasp the latest information and ensure the opportunity to stay in a foreign work to 4 years after graduation at a minimum cost.

Student exhibitions July 15, in the presence of 200 foreign school does represent is the good opportunity for parents to exchange directly and answer questions. Besides, the participants still consultation about the "hot" sectors are in a State of "thirst" in sectors such as human STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathermatics-science, technology, engineering, mathematics) Besides the traditional disciplines such as business, information technology.

In addition, the new visa policy, curriculum, costs and especially the scholarship program, was also introduced at the exhibition.

Student exhibition devoted to the special gifts for participants, including:

-Supports Visa Student Visa fees to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand up to 5,000,000 đồng.

-Free admission to participating schools exhibit, worth up to 7,791,000.

-Donating capacity of quarterly sweepstakes: iPad Mini, Oppo phone, Bluetooth wireless mouse control.

-Donating cash to the value of USD 2,200,000 when referring friends, relatives use service study in the trainning sessions, VIP customer cards to enjoy long-term preferential service with trainning sessions and partners, preferential transfers when using services at Commonwealth Bank or 100% tuition reduction, Eximbank for English communication course in the trainning sessions.

In addition, in order to help students relieve stress after the exam, when attending the exhibition, the longer you are in the sweepstakes and free English language test, with these gifts: up to 100% Scholarship General English in the trainning sessions and the pair of movie tickets to theatres and Galaxy Clusters at Blockbuster Cinema t-shirts and the trainning sessions Handbook.
The reason the country is the ideal study destination?

America-wide educational opportunities open to everyone

o the school system and curriculum diversity careers

o the cradle of global famous schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton ...

o allows foreign students to stay worked up to 36 months

Canada-education and quality of life are put on top

o the country has the highest happiness index in the world with a rich cultural life, a healthy environment and safe

o the Canadian Express program Study (CES) with the outstanding characteristics: time to review student visa quickly, not prove financially.

o opportunity in three years and was settled in Canada after graduation

Australia-country has preferential policies for international students

o new visa review process, the SSVF-Simplified Student Visa Framework simpler than formally apply on 01/07/2016.

o international students are in 2-4 years after completion of the study program, and have the opportunity to test with many professions.

New Zealand-at reasonable cost with quality international education

o diverse academic programs at a cost of "easy breathe"

o Is one of the most peaceful country in the world, with a friendly living environment

o students were allowed to continue working until 2 years and the opportunity to settle after graduation.