England face the crisis study if leaving the EU

If leaving the European Union (EU), English education face the crisis from the risk of losing foreign faculty, international students reduce the weight and no longer receive financial support.

On 24/7, He officially announced the results of the referendum on whether to leave the European Union. Accordingly, 52% of participants voted in favour of Brexit (from between Britain (England) and exit to just leave the EU). This result led many educational professionals and students frustrated.

Earlier, a survey showed that 75% of people aged 18 to 24 English supporters remained in the EU.Young said that those who voted to leave the EU had deprived the opportunity of education and their employment and educational background You will badly damage.

According to the Independent, 20/6, principal of the 103 British University sends open letter to students, warning of the effects of Brexit for education, as well as the future of the young generation, and reminded the young people should not underestimate the contribution of higher education.

"Every year, the University contributes more than 773 billion to the British economy. In particular, 3.7 billion coming from other students in the EU. The College also supports nearly 380,000 jobs ", letter writing.

Leaving the EU, ending the financial benefits

Every year, the European Union supported the universities of England quite a large amount. Swansea University is the classic example. This school has just opened and the Science Campus initiative at a cost of up to 475 million pounds. The project certainly could not perform without financial support from the EU.

Joining the EU the financial burden households causing him to some of the other members. However, the schools of the country are benefiting from the block. According to the statistics of The Complete University Guide, Uk 11% contribution to the EU budget and accounts for 17% of the financial support of blocks in 7 years.

Also according to this page, in General, higher education He benefited from financial support policy, as well as student exchange program within the Alliance. Hence, the Brexit be sure to influence the research work.

Each year, the UK was the EU supports more than 15% of the cost for the research work. When he left the block, most schools will have difficulty in securing investment resources for teaching and research.

In a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, Megan Dunn, Chairman of the British students, also addressed the fears of students about changes in financial aid policies, as well as the education that they receive when this country was still a member of the EU.

The quality of education, studies in decline

He was considered one of the leading national research and education thanks to the attraction of foreign talent, especially from EU member countries.

Thus, before the Government held a referendum, many University leaders expressed concern, Brexit will affect to the team of professionals, faculty members of the school. For example, nearly 25% of the staff of the University of Kent comes from EU countries. After the Brexit, the school will face the crisis of human resources.

"While in the EU, He easily attracting talents from the country, help students receive education from leading experts. This benefit will plummet when we left the blocks ", Dame Julia Goodfellow, Vice Rector of the University of Kent, said.

Many education experts expressed concern about research cooperation in the coming time.

As EU members, He easily gathered the researchers in the block, perform scientific research, brings high efficiency. In fact, from 1981 until 2014, the proportion of the research was conducted entirely by the British scholar decreased from 84% to 48%.

Leave the EU meant the number of collaborative research projects will decrease, the influence of his leading role in the global scientific circles.

Julia Goodfellow, Chairman of the Association of universities Uk, said the results of the referendum of sparked the crisis in higher education, at the same time poses challenges for school leaders in keeping and attracting talents.

"We prioritized the task to convince the Government to take action to ensure that experts, students from EU countries remained in the UK to work and study. In addition, we strive to create opportunities for scientists and students in the country have access to the research programs, training of the European Union, "she said.

The risk of rising unemployment
Catherine Barnard, a Cambridge University Professor, assert, Brexit means the risk of unemployment in the UK rose. She estimated that, by 2020, the number of unemployed will increase further 550,000 people.

According to Steve Coulter, after leaving the EU, Britain's economy will slowed for a short time, about 50% of the company to cut the number of recruitment. This leads to many students will not have jobs after school.

Immediately after the referendum results were announced, many young people have expressed anger, frustration on the social network. They criticize the supporters of Brexit stripped of his future.

"I am very angry. Those who enjoy everything from free education to the great pension, again vote to steal the opportunity of development of the young generation ", Adam Newman wrote on Twitter.

Economic experts predicted, He exchanged about 820,000 job opportunities when the decision to leave the EU. The object most heavily influenced the students are preparing to join the labor market.At least, they take the opportunity to live and work in 27 countries in the European Union.

Student crisis
Brexit directly affect opportunities for study of English students and other countries in the EU.
When he was a member of the European Union, the study process easier. Currently, more than 200,000 British students studying at universities in the 27 countries under the Erasmus scholarship program.

Many people are concerned, after the Brexit, they can not get benefit from this program.

"I feel people voted left the EU took the opportunity to study under an Erasmus. Really frustrated! ", Sophie Mitchell shared on Twitter.

Results of the referendum also prompted the British school lost power in the eyes of foreign students.The main cause lies in the issue of tuition fees.

About 125,000 EU citizens studying in the UK. They played a similar tuition students, 9,000/table.Meanwhile, international students must pay a fee of up to 15,000-25,000/year table. The UK Coalition help in the other EU countries save from 18,000 to 48,000 table table in the whole course.

However, after Brexit, this education incentives. Many people will reconsider the decision to study in the UK.

According to the survey of Hobson's company Solutions, 47% of respondents said they would not attend in the country while only 17% of the confirmed, he still is despite the power education this country no longer belongs to the EU.

Jeremy Cooper, Chief Executive of Hobson, affirmed: "Brexit is the great challenge for higher education in the UK. The attraction of international students from 27 other members will become ever more difficult ".