9 reasons to choose to study in Canada

Canada with advanced education at the same price, reasonable fees are choice of many international students.

Here are 10 reasons suction power of this national education.

Favorable policy

Canada is becoming a nation of older population should the Government has issued many policies in order to attract international students to study, stay and work. The most prominent is the new priority Visa law program (CES) does not need to prove financial. The Government also supports up to 10 million CAD to reduce taxes and promote education savings program aims to increase the number of international students in Canada.

The opportunity to work and settled

Students after graduation will be in three years. In addition, the opportunity is also very high with the settlement conditions such as: foreign students graduating in Canada is good at English or French, good workmanship will be looking to stay. The above program shows the country bearing the red maple leaf symbol are open to welcome more residents into the country.

Education is the top concern

Canada is the destination for study of many international students.

Education in Canada has always been developed with the highest quality. Canada is the country invested much for education. In 2011, the Government has supported 10 million CAD in over 2 years to develop an international education strategy aims to build Canada into the country are selected to study and world class research. The quality of the students here are highly in comparison with other countries in the Organization for economic cooperation and development. In mathematics and science competitions internationally, Canadian students consistently achieve high results. There is evidence for the quality of education of Canada. Canadian qualifications are internationally recognised and appreciated in many areas.

The world's best living environment

According to the UN and the Economist Intelligence Unit, Canada ranked 10th in the world's top place to live since 1994. In the survey of the United Nations, Canada achieved high scores in the field of education, high life expectancy and low crime rate.

Canadians are very proud of their country's natural environment. Some national parks, here was UNECO recognized as world cultural heritage. Canada is also a country rich in geography with many beautiful natural landscapes such as the British Columbia coast, the majestic Rocky Mountains Rocky Mountains in Alberta, the skies of the Plains, the country of the kind made from asphalt roads like in the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence, along with the hills and coast to the Atlantic region.

High living

Canadians enjoy the highest living standards in the world. Over 70% of Canadians have a home with high ownership rate consumer products such as cars, washing machines, fridge, TV, phone. Canada is also the country's social security system and the health care system is comprehensive, ranked high in the world.

Costs Us more pleasant

The cost for the rental of the room will be very different, depending on the level of the students live.The cost of the rent in addition to the dorms often range from 250 to 700 CAD/month (compared to the rather expensive cost in the U.S. is 7,000-9,000 USD per year).

Safe place to learn 

Canada is renowned as the land of peace, nice clean and safe. Crime rate falling steadily from the ' 90s. The weapons are very strict management and usually are not allowed to use in Canada.

International students coming to Canada should comply with the provisions on security as well as the way they normally do when going to other countries in the world. International students can contact any Canadian Education Centre would for advice on personal safety issues or may attend instruction on personal safety at school entry.

Tech Nation

Canada's favourable environment for doing business and learning, including the contribution of enterprises, scientists and research talent. Canada is a world leading countries on it and your computer. In addition, this was also the great powers in the fields of telecommunications, transportation, mechanical engineering, especially aerospace. The height of the telecommunications industry in Canada are marked with the Teleglobal's cable, Cantat 3-the world's first system to support high speed and large capacity in the transmission through the ocean and convert multimedia signals.

Use the 2 official languages

Canada is a bilingual country with two official languages: English and French. Therefore, Canada is very suitable for students who want to go to study in English or French