Monash University-onerous when studying in Australia

Monash University in the top 100 best schools in the world, top 8 best school in Australia, has many facilities in four continents with more than 400 majors.

Monash University is a member of the Go8 (including 8 University reputation); the top 70 best University in the world. The school has over 400 majors and more than 65,000 students are enrolled.The school is famous for the specialization: medicine, computer science, mechanical engineering, education, culture. 89% of students had full-time jobs after 6 months of graduation.

The advantage of the students at the school

The school is known for assisting students in three consecutive years. Students are allowed to work 40 hours in two weeks when school and work full time in the holiday. Students after graduation is to stay in Australia to work 2-4 years and settled when eligible (English, age, work experience, studies ...).

The students have tight finances, can study at Monash University Malaysia instead to Australia with equivalent but only 1/3 the cost. The cost of living in Malaysia at about 3,500-5,000 USD a year.

Monash UNIVERSITY, spent much of the scholarship for the students, the students are: Monash scholarships International Leadership 100% worth of fees (not including the health premium OSHC, accommodation and living expenses). Scholarship applicants should have good on 9.0 and score A higher IELTS/PTE. Research scholarships (masters and PhD) worth 100% of the tuition fees and living expenses for research excellence or scholarship support for living expenses.

Monash International Merit scholarships worth 10,000 AUD a year devoted to have candidates on 9.0 and score A higher IELTS/PTE. 4,000-6,000 scholarships AUD faculties: information technology, art, design and architecture, humanities and society, medicine, education and pedagogy, nursing and health sciences, pharmacy, science, law, mechanics.

Additionally, Monash College offers pre-university scholarship worth 4,000 AUD for applicants should have good on 7.5.