Asia dominates university rankings 50 world's best young

The school of technology in Australia and Asia is dominating the charts 50 Under 50 (ranking of universities under 50 years old for the best in the world).

Singapore's Nanyang Technological UNIVERSITY (NTU) still hold the lead in the third year. Followed by 5 of the Hong Kong University and Korea-meant that Asian universities accounted for 6 of the top of the charts.

Half of the top 10 is the science and technology field, including the University of technology Sydney-the school has risen 8 steps to step into the top 200 charts QS for the first year.

Ben Sowter-the person in charge of the study of the QS-said the highlight of the school is very meaningful.

"This trend shows that the University has the resources and willingness to focus on creating and sustaining research programs STEM are the best chance to break any of the elite school would worldwide"-he explained

UNIVERSITY of Maastrict in the Netherlands is Europe's universities performed best with seven. The representative of Australia appeared for over 10 schools in the top 50, followed by Spain with 5 representatives, Malaysia and Hong Kong with four representatives.

UNIVERSITY of Dundee and the UNIVERSITY of Stirling is the only school in the 2nd on the list with 15 and 47.

However, some of the UK's school was founded in 1966, we can't be in this chart do have over 50 years of age. For example the UNIVERSITY of Bath ranked 7 last year but this year could not be present.

The location of each University is evaluated through many factors by using a similar method to the method in the World University Rankings QS: academic reputation, prestigious faculty, Faculty-student ratio, number of citations and the proportion of international faculty.