10 schools world's most expensive tuition

8 in 10 schools have the highest fees in the world is located in Switzerland. This is where the class or Royal families of countries choose to send your child to study.

The school La Rosey, Switzerland, tuition $106,400 a year. Founded in 1967, the school trained students from 7 to 18 years of age from more than 60 countries. The number of students in each country not more than 10% of the entire market. La Rosey has two campuses, owns a 1,000-seat Concert Hall, Centre and yacht 34 m. The featured Alumni included Prince Rainier of Monaco, King Farouk of Egypt, the grandson of the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill issue ...

Aiglon College, Switzerland, fee: 99,270 USD/year. The school has views of Mont Blanc-the highest mountain in the Alps. Aiglon College is built on traditional English boarding school and receiving students from 9 years to 18 years. For 3 mornings per week, whole school students must attend a 20-minute meditation. Some students stand out is the actor Michel Gill, Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark.

Beau Soleil, Switzerland: 97,800 tuition per year. Founded in 1910, Beau Soleil is one of the oldest private boarding school in Switzerland. It is located on the Alps and at an altitude of more than 1,350 m above sea level. The school receives students from 11 to 18 years, from 40 different countries. The program is taught in both French and in English, focus on outdoor sports activities such as skiing, skating. Prominent students include Princess Marie of Denmark, Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg.

International School Collège du Léman, Switzerland, 84,760 tuition per year. Children are accepted from the age of one in 100 countries. The teachers here taught bilingual programs in French and English until I was 18 years old. The campus of Collège du Léman 8-ha can go into town or up the mountain.

The school of Leysin American, Swiss, tuition $82,000 per year. This is the school, known for the skiing and snowboarding. The students are playing the sport on the mountain on Tuesday and Thursday every week. About 12 students in the school come from America. Featured students as some members of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia.

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg, Switzerland, tuition $81,000 per year. With just 260 students interns come from 40 countries in the world, the Institut auf dem Rosenberg has a student teacher ratio is 1:4, each medium has 8 children. Students may choose one of 5 curriculum, in which there is A level of English, the German Abitur, the Swiss Matura. Many alumni are politicians, business leaders as well as the Royal families of countries.

Think Global, u.s., fees: $78,600 per year. Although based in New York, United States of America, Think Global is the first global mobile market in the world. Students will be learning in 4 different countries each year, allowing the actual experience of the subjects in that area. For every teacher in charge of 3 students and have 100% ratio of international baccalaureate. This new school was active for seven years, is now the top choices to give the children of rock stars.

The American school in Switzerland (TASIS), fee: 78,000 USD/year. This is the first American boarding school founded in Europe. TASIS is located in the mountainous region in Ticino State d'Oro, Dollina. Visual Arts (Fine art) is the main teaching program here. The school also hosts the Spring Arts Festival attracts many famous musicians involved.

Brillantmont, Switzerland, fee: 63,800-73,300 USD/year. 130 year old tradition School of Switzerland have overlooking Lake Geneva and just five minutes walking from Lausanne. Brillantmont is proud that 100% of our students continue to higher programs.

Hurtwood House, County of Surrey, England, 48,600 tuition per year. This is one of the best boarding schools in the UK. Hurtwood House is an Edwardian-style mansion is wider than 0.8 km2. The school only has about 340 students and focus on the training of creative, artistic ability.