Internship opportunities, job after graduating from the Swiss HTMi

Study tourism and hotel at the HTMi, students are committed to support the practice and employment after graduation.

International students studying in HTMi receptive to new knowledge, enjoyment of age youth in a human environment.

Internship opportunities and attractive employment
HTMi have many great partnerships in the field of restaurant-hotels, including the Hilton Worldwide, the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Amari Hotels & Resorts, Sofitel Accord ... One year twice, HTMi seminar in international recruitment, invited representatives of prestigious hotels to introduce the hotel brand and recruitment interviews.

Not just training, HTMi also confirms the success of the business through the system for hotels and resorts Swiss standard 5 star Touches. This is also where students of the school to practice and work.

A corner room in the hotel Swiss Touches in Shanghai.

The environment was recognized by UNESCO as biosphere

HTMi Soerenberg, located in one of the most beautiful resorts of Switzerland, was designated by UNESCO as biosphere reserve. This is the location that has the atmosphere and water supplies clean most of the world. In the growing period as student ages, a living environment as in Soerenberg will positively impact, long to the students.

HTMi study, parents totally don't have to worry about eating and go back. By students in the campus, to be managed closely. The student dining also is convenient to clean products, made with pure water.

More particularly, the chef-teacher is also the subject of food processing and cooking-have recipes "cook with all your heart" (cooking with whole heart) to bring up the quality dishes. Parents feel secure about your child's eating problems.

Students also choose from a variety of rooms in a very airy bedrooms., pushing minimum equipment should be enough students do not need to bring the table is, refrigerator or hair dryer ... The laundry also convenient with series washer, dryer in the dorm.

Modern training equipment

HTMi have hot pool, gym gym scale to develop muscle and fitness, also have yoga students to relax.
HTMi have class at the smart board, the main content of the lectures will be delivered straight from the teacher to the student an iPad (iPad's school students are awarded). All are to serve students reach and capture the best knowledge.

Donate career trip for students pretty good
20% of students head to school will be participating in career trip. Many students have found work in his trip.