Internship opportunities when school William Blue, Australia

Surrounded by many hotels 4-5 stars, students have many opportunities to practice, good job during school and after graduation.

Founded more than 25 years, William Blue College of Hospitality Management-member of THINK-TANK institutions was one of the College hotel restaurant management of Australia and in Sydney.

The school was founded by a group of professionals in the industry with the aim of transmitting knowledge, inspiration helps students willing to work and are passionate with restaurant and hotel industry.

All faculty members of the school are working in the industry, they are not experienced the expertise that always update the information on the new recruitment requirements. Every year, a large amount of training of human resources for the restaurant and hotel industry. The school is located in The Rocks area in Sydney's city centre, a 5-minute walk from Circular Quay. It is the large, diversified transportation vehicles such as trains, buses and ferries.

Students at the school of hotel management William Blue will undergo intensive training programs, developing the skills and knowledge needed. In particular, you can practice with more than 80 partners of the school before stepping into the global hotel industry.

College of William Blue is also a member of the Laureate international universities-a provider of higher education programs in the world's largest with more than 1 million students in 80 organizations in 28 countries.

Restaurant William Blue Dinning by the student had achieved many awards operating through connections with many famous chefs such as Giovanni Pilu, Colin Fassnidge and Neil Perry. This is my favorite destination of many Diners, ranked 35 out of 100 of the best restaurants in Sydney. This is the place for students to practice the skills learned in school.

Advanced Diploma courses of Commercial Cookery

For years, the chef is one of those jobs are in high demand in Australia and often on the list of skilled Immigration (SOL).

When the Advanced Diploma of Commercial Cookery at the school, the students have practical conditions the advanced skills at William Blue. With recruitment requirements as a chef or culinary specialist the same solid foundation helps students can start in the location of the business owner or Manager of the hospitality industry.

The school also has a professional culinary experience by doing more with the minimum wage in 2016 in Australia was 1,702 ADU every hour, the wage will be higher than for the cooks; equipped with both cooking skills and business management

Students can choose from two methods of learning flexibility including full time at the school and 25% research online; transfer to Bachelor of business when the school one more year.