5 tourism training college, a prestigious hotel in Switzerland

One is the cradle of tourism hotels in the world, Switzerland together many of the leading universities in this area.

Switzerland has a long tradition of training about the travel industry. Currently, the country has more than 20 professional training school of business administration in tourism hotel with top quality in the world. Bottom line is 5 prestigious universities in Switzerland training on tourism, hotels are many parents, students believe.

The School Of César Ritz 

Based on the philosophy of the grandfather travel industry hotels – César Ritz, who had built the Hotel Ritz-Paris-famous, the curriculum of César Ritz Colleges focused on business service organization ranks high in the industry. Here, students are trained to be qualified to become the top leaders in the world.

The courtyard outside the University of César Ritz. 

Cesar Ritz is the school has the most historic of the training unit of the SEG. The University has a rational tuition, can learn to convert in the city centre of Lucerne, the region of Germany or Le Bouveret the French with the Lake and mountains.

School HYMEN-Hotel Institute in Montreux 

School HIM a reputation in the world with the learning environment has the best support for the students, helping students who have good prospects when founded. Courses in the school of Hotel Administration is advanced smoothly between HIM practical hotel management Swiss and American management style, which aims to equip students with the necessary conditions to achieve management positions worldwide.

University of HIM beside Montreux, where the famous scenery of Switzerland. This place attracts overwhelming diva, artists, scientists around the world ... to relax and rest. Montreux occur regularly in international operations and a recruit Forum Organization of SEG. The program promises to create better learning opportunities for students.

The school is located in HIM one of the most beautiful places of Switzerland.

SHMS-hotels, events, resort and spa

Unique points of SHMS is a private spa. Besides, the course of events will provide students with the basic foundation. In particular, a unique training program of SHMS students expanded career opportunities and is capable of managing complex, high level events. 

IHTTI-hotel and design

IHTTI's Training Academy, hotel tourism management in English in Switzerland Swiss corporations affiliated Education Group (SEG), which is the basis of longstanding and successful training.

IHTTI school is for students interested in specializing in cosmetic industry, Interior, decor, design in the tourism industry.

CAA-Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland 

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland training courses about food, cake and dark chocolate-you-la. At CAA, the students are thoroughly trained on the skills needed to operate a European-style kitchen area, as Italy and France. The students have the opportunity to learn about the philosophy of art, traditional European cuisine, as well as the development trend of world cuisines.

The group is the Swiss Education Group (SEG) including 5 University is César Ritz, HIM, SHMS, IHTTI and CAA. However, all trained in the field of tourist hotels, but each school has a different emphasis in aspects such as: location, historic scale, students, specialized training, curriculum and course fees.

Is the official representative of the SEG, Green Bridge BB actively organizes the annual visit of member schools of the SEG. Thereby, differences of each school to provide students, parents and students the most practical advice.