Study in New Zealand with the accounting industry, employment opportunities and higher settlements

With the average growth rate of 3.2%, New Zealand accounting profession will need more 12.500 in 2024.

Attractive salary and students the chance to settle according to the priority policy for manpower shortage will open up attractive opportunities for international students in accounting in New Zealand.

Why should you study accounting in New Zealand?

Most are immigrants in the UK, the New Zealand education system to be simulated under the background of advanced education. The quality of infrastructure and faculty deserve international quality, meet the most rigorous standards.

New Zealand is famous all over the world with a new way of thinking. According to the latest information from PISA, 8% of students are trained in New Zealand in the top students of excellence, doubling the average indicators provided by the OECD. The universities are in the top 3% of the list price for all over the world with many training programs for different trades (according to the QS World University rankings).

The ranking of the leading accounting training school in the world:

New Zealand has 7 schools in groups of 150 best accountant training school in the world by the topuniversity, which is the University of Auckland with the 26th position. According to the World Bank, New Zealand also considered the easiest place to start a business in the year 2015. With the best environment for business by Forbes, accounting operations in New Zealand are very developed and the training program accountant also very quality.

Study in New Zealand have lower fees relative to Australia. The average tuition in New Zealand from 15,000-30,000 NZD per year and the cost of living is 15,000 NZD per year. Tuition in Australia from 15,000-30,000 AUD per year and subsistence 18,610 AUD a year. Therefore, if compare the cost of studying in New Zealand are still lower than in Australia.

Accounting industry prospects in New Zealand

According to the forecast of the Government of New Zealand, recruitment needs are forecast to increase employment in the period of 226,200 2014-2019 and about the next 5 years to 183,900 in 2024. This represents growth of jobs annually to about 1.9% during the period 2014-2019 and about 1.5 percent in the period to 2019-2024.

Meanwhile, the number of retired workers is expected to increase from about 25,000 people each year in the period 2006-2013 up about 30,000 people each year in the period 2013-2020. The limited labor supply is expected to push the salary rises and opens many opportunities for international students to study in New Zealand.

The Labor Department's report showed New Zealand accounting is one of the 25 industries will have the highest labor demand in the next 10 years. With the average growth rate of 3.2%, the accounting industry will need more 12.500 jobs by the year 2024. Therefore, the accounting industry employment prospects in New Zealand will be wide open for the students.

Besides, the salary for a new graduate students will also be very attractive. According to payscale, the median wage of the school after a student in accounting can reach 45.000 NZD per year and after 5 years of work salary can increase up to 65.000 NZD. Although not the highest-income sector, but salaries for accountants have no experience in New Zealand is higher than many other industries.

Do accounting can have a stable life in New Zealand. According to the report by Statistics New Zealand, the average income of employees accounting for about 22% higher than the average of all other occupations. The average income of a person do accounting in New Zealand reached near 52.000 NZD while other industries average just 42.300 each year. This helps international students peace of mind thinking of settling in New Zealand.

The opportunity to settle in New Zealand with accounting

Although immigrants increased rapidly, but the New Zealand Government still has no plans to change immigration laws because the existing rules still ensure the choice of jobs for indigenous people and contribute to reduce the unemployment rate.

According to statistics of the Bureau of immigration to New Zealand, the number of immigrants into the country is 100,800 people and the number of people leaving this country is 62,400 people in 2013/2014. With a population of just over 4.5 million people finishing but rapid economic growth as the current of New Zealand caused human needs are always necessary. Therefore, international students have lots of opportunities to earn a job and New Zealand's immigration policy is also relatively easy.