Search VEF Fellowship to pursue his dream of an international university

UEF Scholarship-Open International University entrance

Becoming an international university students is not only an important landmark on the path of learning but also the big target of a lot of young people. This is also the step the momentum for joining a team of high-quality personnel in economy integration. The journey to conquer this knowledge will become more favorable if the companion from the school, you give the future.

Taillight clear desire, through the years, the UEF had made many talent incentive program through the scholarship policy value for students during their study, work out at the school. Not only is the solution of the financial assistance, scholarship UEF also conveyed profound message, helping students affirm the value itself, constantly striving for excellence in learning and life.

UEF awarded many scholarships for talented students in the academic year 2015-2016
In 2016, the UEF's scholarship policy has expanded the object at the same time increase productivity by as much as value tall 100%, 50% and 25%.

Seize the opportunity to lead the profession

Join the community, the UEF student you will enjoy quality education with world-class training program is built upon the advanced universities in the world, the combination of theory and practice in the business. Besides, the students are learning in the best condition right in the city center with advanced equipment, systems, classrooms with air conditioning, wifi, modern Gym, the school, the young, dynamic entertainment. Premium class of about 30 students, create a friendly environment, help students develop good creative thinking skills, practical problems.

One of the focal points in the school's foreign language program. UEF use English as the main language of teaching and learning. Upon admission, students are English examination and consultation, how the most effective English learning with the level of each individual. For students not yet satisfactory supported courses "English subs" is completely free, so confident when formal schooling. The English program of the UEF coursework in most years, ensuring good English platform equipped to afford students learn the subjects in English in the next years. Graduate student, equivalent to an IELTS level 5.5 or above, proficient in communication and work.

Besides enjoying a good quality of education, student annual UEF always active in extra-curricular activities, community volunteer, with students of the University of Pittsburgh (USA), Băngkok UNIVERSITY (Thailand).

With that advantage, the UEF students Excel on knowledge and skill, tenacity, confidence, dynamic, creative. According to the UEF business relations Center, 100% of students after graduation are to capture the career fit, 80% of students working properly specialized, 30% of students have jobs during the internships at companies, corporations, the leading commercial bank is a strategic partner of the UEF as Sacombank , ACB, Techcombank, KPMG, Saigon House, ...