Software for startups: how can ERP boost your growth?

Startup software is a tool that must combine productivity, efficiency, management, agility and, of course, profitability. Thus, technology becomes an important resource to overcome adversity and competition, facilitating the implementation of innovative ideas and products on equal terms with the big sharks in the market.

Especially in smaller teams with more limited resources, having an effective solution makes all the difference in the fight for a place in the sun. The issue makes even more sense when we talk about startups, companies that work with innovation and scalable growth capacity.

They are entrepreneurs who need the right support from technology to survive in an increasingly competitive market. It is in this context that Enterprise Resource Planning, better known by the acronym ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning System, emerges.

But how can ERP boost your growth? What are the advantages of having this solution? How do you choose the right option? To answer these and other questions, it is important to know details on the subject, which will help in the decision-making process.

Challenges of a startup

To find out which software is best suited for your company, you should first analyze the main challenges that a startup faces. Especially in countries with such a volatile market, managers face situations on a daily basis that require agility to make the right decisions.

In the case of startups, the obstacles are directly related to ensuring the preservation of product features related to innovation, without losing the qualities and differentials that it presents in its essence. Among the challenges are:

Gaining scalability: one of the great challenges of a startup is to develop while preserving the same quality of the product or service provided. Otherwise, it loses the attractiveness and even the purpose of the company's existence. Therefore, it is essential to maintain an adequate organization to allow the necessary scalability, ensuring healthy growth.

Facing uncertainties: like any entrepreneur, start-ups face the uncertainties of an increasingly competitive market on a daily basis. In this context, there are also difficulties in dealing with different day-to-day business situations in an agile and organized manner. Especially in a market with so much volatility and even bureaucracy.

Good financial management: the healthy growth of a company is directly related to effective financial management. Especially in a startup, where resources and manpower are limited, this challenge requires special attention to ensure survival and, consequently, the desired growth.

How does an ERP work?

The ERP system is a solution that works to integrate all sectors of a company. To this end, this software allows information to flow more freely between the various departments of a company.

The acronym ERP comes from the English term Enterprise Resource Planning, which in free translation means Enterprise Resource Planning.

Among its attributions, the tool works with the optimization of various processes, facilitating the organization of the company's activities.

Why does a startup need ERP software?

A software for startups, therefore, must have specific qualities to overcome these and other challenges that are part of the day-to-day life of companies. Therefore, relying on an ERP makes perfect sense for the healthy growth of these companies.

But what are the main advantages of working with this software? Among the advantages are:

Drives growth.

With the desire and potential for exponential growth, startups need to build efficient dynamics, even in a lean structure. This is critical, especially for companies looking for investors to leverage their business.

Thus, an ERP will ensure the necessary support for administrative activities, maintaining a standard management with the automation of certain tasks and promoting the efficiency of operations, which will boost the company's growth in a sustainable way.

Drives innovation

By gathering and interconnecting strategic data from different sectors of a company, ERP becomes a tool that drives innovation in companies. This is because it can provide the necessary support to manage daily activities, in addition to assisting in decision making.

By acting in a scalable way, ERP is also related to the future of startups. This is because the system follows the evolution of your business and is able to incorporate new technologies in the market.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Especially in a startup, dynamic and agile work makes the difference in conquering the market. Thus, the automation of processes promoted by an ERP is responsible for optimizing the performance of various tasks, in addition to reducing possible failures resulting from human errors.

In this way, employees gain more time to perform more strategic and even creative activities related to the development of the company. As a result, the company will be more efficient.

Reduces operating costs

By working in the cloud, an ERP brings several advantages to your company. Among them is the reduction of operating costs. This is because it eliminates the need to maintain a large infrastructure to support and manage the tool internally.

It also reduces expenses with the Information Technology (IT) team, which can focus more on tasks related to company growth or the development of improvements and new products, rather than acting almost exclusively on technical support.

Promotes integration

By connecting the different sectors of a company, ERP facilitates dialogue between the different areas of activity of a startup. This enables the integration of processes and also of teams.

Consequently, this software helps build a culture of collaboration within the company, with a healthy dialogue, which is related to more united teams, efficiency and agile processes.

Provides mobility

With a fully responsive, web-based platform, you can also enjoy one more advantage: the gain in mobility. In a constantly changing business environment, with remote or hybrid work, the ability to access data from any device and from anywhere on the planet securely and quickly suits the business model of a startup.

This is a differential, even for team training. After all, it is possible to work with the best collaborators in any corner of the world, without the need to bring them together physically in the same environment.

More reliable data and more effective reporting

The centralization of processes and information promoted by an ERP facilitates the control and organization of the company's various data. In this way, it is possible to prepare effective reports in a more practical and faster way, working with reliable data.

Comprehensive digital transformation with ERP

With so many advantages, it is easy to understand that an ERP is the ideal software for a startup. However, to really guarantee all these benefits, it is important that the tool acts with a modern proposal, based on advanced technologies and with a proposal suited to the profile of a startup.

SYDLE ERP is a platform based on the all-in-one concept. This means that the software has several solutions in one place. The idea is to bring a concept of digital transformation, end-to-end within the company. In this way, it allows centralizing information and processes, increasing security, reducing repetitions and avoiding the spraying of tools.

In addition, it is a solution that follows the evolution of your business, with low investment and maintenance costs. Thus, much more than a simple ERP, SYDLE offers a robust solution that covers all areas of a company.