CRM for universities: know the best software

If inbound marketing has demonstrated anything, it is that there are many points in common between the market and the action of studying. Basically, the strategies we apply are all created after exhaustively studying the market. And not only do we study ourselves, but we also stimulate the habit of studying.

In content marketing we start from the premise that all people like to study about those things that are of interest to them, so we create relationships by providing relevant and useful material for our audience. We know that seeking knowledge and information is an inner force that motivates interaction. Everything is study and study can do anything!

It is also common the other way around, that in the academic world some marketing resources are used to achieve better results and to improve, more and more, the service offered.

That's why today we will talk about a management tool called CRM applied to improve the educational service of universities. Join us to understand more about CRM for universities!

Market and Education

Management tools are essential to be able to keep an educational center, be it public or private, up and running. Imagine, hundreds of people daily in search of personalized attention, with documents, queries, reports, jobs, payments, receipts, etc., etc., etc., etc.. And besides, all this in the perspective of surviving as an enterprise.
  • To be constantly carrying out marketing campaigns to attract new students;
  • To nurture the relationship and interest of current students;
  • To seek the engagement of graduates;
  • Communicate to all staff, both faculty and administrative and general services staff.
  • Keep the accounts in order.
No human being can stand it, this is a job for an Artificial Intelligence: CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a software that can provide personalized attention to each and every student. After all, the professional world is moving in a constant dynamic between business and training.

What is CRM?

It is a software to manage sales and customers. It also means a business model based on customer satisfaction, but in this article we are going to refer to the first meaning: CRM as a computer system that aims to facilitate management and that can be integrated into the business management system.

They are in the field of platforms that provide specific services to organize sales and relationships between customers and companies and their great success is due to the great similarity between the customer cycle and the student cycle. That is why many universities began to implement these systems with great success.

CRM for universities: which ones exist?

Today the CRM oriented to universities are highly profitable and in demand, I brought you some examples to see together.

1. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a simply amazing CRM. With Microsoft's administrative efficiency we can quickly understand that this tool works on the entire student lifecycle, from recruitment through the relationship during their studies, to the links with graduates. Because as the slogan says, the relationship does not end with graduation.

Planning of digital marketing campaigns, integrating them with the different channels in order to attract students. Intelligent data management to automate processes without losing quality, compatible with all digital management tools, support for students before and during enrollment, scholarships, conferences and much more.

2. Kapta

Kapta is a CRM that I really like for the style of honing in on one aspect of the student cycle; enrollment. That's where it gets its name from because it is constantly recruiting students. Its motto is: it simplifies the enrollment process throughout the year and its focus is to ensure that all leads are tracked. It is a software focused on customer acquisition.

It digitizes your processes, automates your activities and meets your student acquisition goals. And you can measure everything along the way, in a well-designed platform that conveys authority and focus. Take care of the education and graduation Kapta takes care of bringing them to you.

3. Ellucian

Ellucian is a CRM that caught my attention because it follows the trend of "empowerment", as its slogan says "empower your students' future and yours". It is what is known as a full-spectrum service, that is, it plays on the whole court. Whatever the need, whether it's attracting new alumni, nurturing the relationship with current students or boosting alumni engagement and giving, you can count on this CRM.

It has a CRM for each stage, one for recruitment, one for student support and one for alumni based on getting donations. And it also has "Empower your Campus", a section of the platform designed to organize the interdisciplinary and administrative work between all the physical units to maximize the possibilities of the university structures.

4. Sumacrm

It is a business CRM that although it is not specific for universities can adapt very well to these and, in addition, you can see that the company is making a great investment in inbound marketing of its tool for universities because their posts on the subject position very well. That's why as a recognition of the good SEO work I placed it in this list.

Sumacr offers you 30 days free to try their tool and gives you a super organized desktop with all the features you expect from a CRM:
  • All your customer information centralized and archived in individual tabs;
  • You can invite your entire team to network, organize them in groups, by target or sectors.
  • You can also assign tasks to participants and accompany them by setting reminders.
  • You can also centralize your messaging systems, create contacts quickly, segment and qualify links, identify sales opportunities, send mass e-mails for e-mail marketing campaigns,
In short, you can control all the activity of your company from the dashboard with an incredible design.

That's why I say, don't put off until tomorrow what you can study today! Choose the best CRM for universities, automate the processes and dedicate yourself to attract, keep and retain your students. And now I'm leaving because I don't want to be late for my class.