1001 fear that the daughter does not love action, then dropped her dream life

Afraid of "people" laughing, do not believe that you have the ability, that your dream is illusory ... with 1001 other nameless fears. With these fears, the girl looked back and wondered, what did I do with the dream of life?

Fear no.1: "It is like that too!"

If this fear is heard ... familiar, welcome daughter to Fear-Spirituality.

Love singing but afraid to voice in fear of being laughter? Passionate drawing but not brave enough to accept comments?

Do you like writing but have not sent one of your pieces to others?

Whatever it is, daughter, just what you love is always worth pursuing!

As the road to the dream more and more bewildered, if ever anxious, then the girl will miss a lot of it.

And girl, remember that no love is too small as long as it makes you happy, and no dream is too ordinary because you know later you will become the most popular artist or writer. All Time...

To overcome this first fear, girls listen to their hearts lead. Fall in love, then why not confident but keep the dream?

Fear no.2: "Lack of ability, hard to do anything!"

"Why not like the children of the house" - or similar sentences heard back and forth from a small day, perhaps have faith in the daughters of tomorrow a little more.

Also because of lack of confidence, girls are afraid to express themselves, afraid to prove themselves to the world.

Girl, do not do that! Lack of confidence will make girls forget their value, and every day the girl clutches her in the shell again.

Every dream disappears. Not everyone is lucky to know what passion for something, so girls must always trust, trust and trust your ability offline!

Fear no.3: "Sometimes dreams are just dreams ..."

Love and believe in yourself is not enough, if lack of training, try every day, the dream forever is just a dream.

Nobody loves and believes and forgets to act.

It does not necessarily have to do high things, just girls every day training, caring for their dreams to come closer to success each day.

Do not wait anymore, "recharge" spirit, tightening determination and action only!

Do not be discouraged, just love. Believe. Act

Want to sing, just sing. Like taking pictures, just take lots of pictures. And if there is "sunshine", just confess.

The simple things like that will help girls to love their love, so that every day always try to act so many ways to dream more difficult, challenging ...

That is the message that Diana wants to send to the new generation daughter, so that daughter never dropped her passion.

And you, today you have loved. Believe. Action yet?

Always on the road to the dream of her daughter, Diana wants her daughter to believe in the love of life.

There is no need to be too big, extraordinary, just love girls and believe with all your heart, even the smallest dream is worth doing!

And even on the passionate journey is difficult, then listen to your heart boldly because you are the daughter of the new era!