The tuition rate of the best universities in the world

Although it is the best school in the world in 2016, Oxford University in the UK have relatively low tuition compared to other schools in the US.

Oxford University has just been Time Higher Education voted World's best school in 2016. This is the first time a school in Britain rise to stand before the American schools on charts of this magazine.However, the Oxford course fees are quite low compared with the market's reputation in America-9 thousand tables (about 11.8 thousand USD) for the UK and EU countries, from 15.3 per thousand to 22.5 thousand USD for other countries. Photo: Esa.

This year, California Institute of technology down to the second position, yielding the first in Oxford.Tuition for the undergraduate course of this prestigious school was $ 45,846. Photo: Wikimedia.

Third on the rankings is Stanford University. The annual amount that the University System students need to close about $ 47,331. Photo:

Tuition for students in the UK and the countries of the EU of the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford-the equivalent of £ 9 (approx. 11.8 thousand USD). Meanwhile, the tuition fees for students-EU countries higher, from $ 23,198 to $ 35,310. Photo: Wikimedia.

Massachusetts Institute of technology ranked five on the chart. Tuition for 9 months for classes is $ 46,704. In addition, students must pay more for about $ 13,730 accommodation and 2,816 USD materials. Photo:

Is one of the world's top private school is known for the nobility, Harvard has a fairly high tuition, $ 59,550. Besides, students pay about $ 22,262 dorm fees and health care charges $ 1,088. Photo: Organic Lifestyle.

Princeton University is also the oldest and prestigious in the world. Tuition is $ 41,820. Additional accommodation fees, every year, the students played about 58,965 USD. Photo: Blogspot.

Royal University of London there is tuition for students in the UK and EU countries is 9 thousand (equivalent of 11.8 thousand USD). Meanwhile, students outside the EU must close the 39,265 USD per year. Photo: Wikipedia.

The Swiss Federal Institute of technology ranks the ninth in the list of the best universities in the world. However, the level of school fees much lower than with other prestigious schools. Students only have to close about $ 1,274 per semester. Photo:

The University of California in Berkeley have the annual tuition is $ 13,510 and nearly 15 thousand USD in fee if students choose to live in the dorms. Photo: Wikipedia.

The University of Chicago at the same stand at number 10 on the chart. This private school's tuition is quite high: 50,997 USD. Photo: Veritas.